db2top: Memory screen and db2mtrk (video)

Today’s video is a comparison between the output of the db2mtrk command and the db2top Memory screen. It covers current allocations, high watermarks, and maximum allocations for the instance, database, and application groups of memory pools as well as the repeat mode of db2mtrk.

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db2top: Buffer pool hit ratio (video)

Today’s video is a demonstration of buffer pool hit ratio in the Bufferpools screen of db2top. To produce a hit ratio of 100%, we query a single row repeatedly to perform logical reads with no corresponding physical reads. To reduce the hit ratio, we query more data than can fit in the buffer pool, resulting in physical reads.

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db2top: Regular expressions (video)

Today’s video is a demonstration of the regular expressions (regex) feature of db2top. In the video, I apply regular expressions to the Dynamic SQL screen to filter what SQL statements are shown. I demonstrate setting and clearing a regex, simple regular expressions, and POSIX extended regular expression metacharacters:

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db2top: The Locks screen (video)

Today’s video is a demonstration of the Locks screen of db2top. In the video, I create a lock chain and launch db2top to examine the Application Status, Object Name, Locked By and Lock Count columns for three applications involved in the chain. I then use the Lock Chain screen to visualize the chain:

Watch “db2top: The Locks screen” directly on YouTube.