How Inception is like metaprogramming

Tweet I saw the movie Inception over the weekend and after reading What a Programmer Sees When He Watches Inception, in which Marke Hallowell compared the dreams-within-dreams concept from the movie to a recursive function, I think I too see parallels between the movie and computer programming. I think a parallel exists between dreams-within-dreams and […]

DB2 Stored Procedures and Defaults (Conclusion)

Tweet If you remember the previous post, I showed how moving some logic from an anonymous block into a scalar function caused the program to start reporting an SQL0577N, saying that the underlying procedure was trying to modify SQL data even though it was doing no such thing. The clue to the cause of the […]

DB2 Stored Procedures and Defaults

Tweet Have you ever spent a long time trying to figure out what was causing DB2 to give you a bizarre error message only to find that the root cause was a default you didn’t know was a default? I got just such a message the other day when writing an SQL stored procedure. In […]

db2top Dynamic SQL Screen

Tweet The first time I used db2top’s Dynamic SQL screen, I tried the ‘X’ key to switch to extended mode and had no idea what I had just done. Everything was reordered, hash values seemed to completely change, and the values in the Num Execution column shot upward. Eventually, I realized what was happening and […]

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