How Inception is like metaprogramming

I saw the movie Inception over the weekend and after reading What a Programmer Sees When He Watches Inception, in which Marke Hallowell compared the dreams-within-dreams concept from the movie to a recursive function, I […]

DB2 Stored Procedures and Defaults (Conclusion)

If you remember the previous post, I showed how moving some logic from an anonymous block into a scalar function caused the program to start reporting an SQL0577N, saying that the underlying procedure was trying […]

DB2 Stored Procedures and Defaults

Have you ever spent a long time trying to figure out what was causing DB2 to give you a bizarre error message only to find that the root cause was a default you didn’t know […]

db2top Dynamic SQL Screen

The first time I used db2top’s Dynamic SQL screen, I tried the ‘X’ key to switch to extended mode and had no idea what I had just done. Everything was reordered, hash values seemed to […]