db2top Feature of the Day – Command Line Options (Summary)

Now that we have reviewed each command line option individually, I will use today’s post to put together a set of links of everything we covered: -d : Database name -n : Node name -u […]

db2top -C and db2top -f

The final two command line options, -C and -f, work together. The -C option tells db2top to run in data collector mode and -f lets you tell db2top where to write or read the results […]

db2top -P

By default, db2top shows data aggregated from all partitions. In this post, I’ll show you how to use the -P option to override this behavior so that you can look at one partition at a […]

db2top -x

The db2top tool supports an extended mode in which it shows different information than it shows in the default mode. Today, we will see how the -x command line option can put you into extended […]