db2top Database Screen (Part 1)

The first major screen of db2top that we will examine is the Database screen. This screen gives you the big picture view of your database. You can use this screen to see how busy your […]

db2top Feature of the Day – Gauges

Before we can examine the various interactive screens of data that make up db2top, we need to become familiar with one of the ways these data are presented – gauges.

db2top Feature of the Day – .db2toprc

The db2top tool is very configurable. It would be inconvenient to configure it to your liking only to lose your configuration when you shut down the tool, so an option is available for saving your […]

db2top Feature of the Day – Command Line Options (Summary)

Now that we have reviewed each command line option individually, I will use today’s post to put together a set of links of everything we covered: -d : Database name -n : Node name -u […]