db2top Native Snapshot

Snapshot of a database

The db2top tool, on each of its various screens, presents a subset of the full capabilities of the DB2 snapshot monitor. In this post, we’ll see how you can use the native snapshot feature to gain access to the full snapshot.

On most db2top screens, you can access the full native snapshot by holding the Shift key and pressing the ‘S’ key. Each screen produces a different kind of snapshot with some screens producing more than one and others not producing any at all.

The table below lists the various screens in db2top and the corresponding native snapshot.

Screen Native snapshots
Database get snapshot for dbm global
get snapshot for db on <database name> global
Sessions get snapshot for all applications global
Details for agent get snapshot for application agentid <agentid> global
Tablespaces get snapshot for tablespaces on <database name> global
Bufferpools get snapshot for bufferpools on <database name> global
Tables get snapshot for tables on <database name> global
Dynamic SQL get snapshot for dynamic sql on <database name> global
Locks get snapshot for locks on <database name> global
Memory pools N/A
Statements N/A
Utilities get snapshot for dbm global
Partitions* get snapshot for fcm for all dbpartitionnums at dbpartitionnum <partition number>
get snapshot for database on <database name> at dbpartitionnum <partition number>
Federation N/A
Bottlenecks get snapshot for all applications global
Skew Detection N/A

* You are prompted to specify the partition number before the snapshot is taken