About The K Guy

Keith McDonald is an Agile Thinker for people who wish they could be getting more out of a transition to an Agile Mentality.

Through his blog posts, YouTube videos, and podcasts, he’s here to inspire you to lead an agile transformation in your organization — while making it all feel like the most worthwhile journey of your life.

His insights have been featured at Agile Testing Days, IBM’s Information on Demand conference, and on IBM’s DeveloperWorks website.

And when he’s not blogging, shooting videos, or podcasting, you can find him indulging in ballroom dancing, social media, and the occasional Netflix binge.

Get ready to transform your organization at thekguy.com.

Why “The K Guy?”

Some of my most successful change efforts were championed by organizational leaders who didn’t know my name and who, at best, could remember my first initial. The name of my site is a reminder that, if you want to create change, you sometimes have to be willing to let go of any desire to get the credit.